Independent Professionals, Practitioners

Independent Professionals, Practitioners

Have your Professional Page on Expertey – receive Inquiries, Leads, Appointment Requests, discover new Opportunities.

Pro Page

A crisp Professional profile Page with dedicated full real estate, effectively talking to your audience about your Offerings & Expertise – succinctly serving its purpose.


We make it easy for people who discover you on the platform to schedule appointments right from here and co-ordinate further.

Recieve Leads

Expertey is a platform to “Connect with, Learn from and Be Enabled by Experts” across walks of life: a go-to destination for a Pro’s / Expert’s service or advice. Be on it to augment your Lead receiving pipeline.

Consult over Phone / Video / Messaging

Assist over email/messaging, call or video chat at mutual comfort. Realise Better bottomline, service satisfaction and Impact with your Service to Society.

Improve your online Visibility, Discoverability & Outreach

Be featured in Home Page

Get featured in Expertey home page on joining Expertey Independent Professionals & Practitioners Directory.

Online Ad promoting your Pro Page

Expertey promotes your ProPage with online Ad Campaigns, with an eye on Compliance Needs.

Connect with your audience

Connect with your audience on a deeper level by posting articles (15-20 lines work!) and boost your visibility across the web. Our associate writers will even cover the minimum for you!

Sponsored / Sticky / Featured Posts

As part of on-boarding new members of the Professionals Directory, our associate writers cover you with a relevant article post and we get it featured / stick or make it show up more on ExperteyBlog.

Social Mentions, Citation Posts

Get Citation Posts, Mentions in several Social Pages, Groups across platforms boosting your outreach and even improving search engine visibility.

Post Xpertips on the go

Xpertips are 1-10 lines quick, short Insights, Tips, Knowledge Capsules. Showcase your Expertise, share knowledge and have people be more aware.

Drive Engagement. Enhance your online Reputation.

Answer Questions – join relevant conversations and engage better with your audience. Do Xpertalks, vTalks, showcase expertise, thought leadership and be resourceful – enhance your online image.

Build links to your online assets

Get newer links carrying visitors to your website, social profiles & pages.
To boost awareness and engagement, you need to be active on more platforms as you can & spread your brand across the web.

Drop us a message to have your ProPage and join the directory or to ask brochures & more information.